Welcome to the HHBGLI review blog!

Just a quick word on how the reviews will be set out. Every game will be reviewed in a similar format and therefore easy to follow.

The game will be named, along with designer and publisher(s). There will be images taken by myself (unless otherwise stated). I will NOT review games I haven’t played.

Games will receive a final rating out of 10. These are my ratings and you may agree or disagree. I will offer up strengths and weaknesses as well as the full review.

At the start of the review there will be “avatars” to give an idea of what you can expect from the game. Here are the ones that will be used.


Games with a space or sci-fi theme.


Games that offer unique mechanisms and/or theme.


One of many games that utilise the ever popular renaissance or trading theme.


Games that will be perfect for a party or a fun-loving group of folk who don’t want to think too hard when playing.


Games that offer a chance for players to target or get revenge on opponents.


Games that focus on or include civilisation-building as a theme.


Games that are cheap or cheap for what you get.


Games that focus on war or battles, whatever the scale.


Games that are beautiful to look at.


Games that have loads of wooden components.


Games that are “abstract”, ignoring theme and focussing on a “pure” game play.


Games with a fantasy or dungeon theme.


Games that are luck-fests.


These games use dice as a central mechanism.


Games that offer strong female characters or roles and not just half-naked damsels in distress or generic fantasy mini-armour.


Games that are co-operative or include team elements


Short games that you can play any time or work perfectly as an introduction to a longer gaming “session”.


Games that will last for hours or even all day.


The opposite of the work of art. These games have an ugly board, or terrible components or are just dull dull dull.



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