Luke Morris is an early 30-something with a wife and young daughter. He has been playing “designer” board games since 2005 when friends introduced him to Settlers of Catan, Tigris & Euphrates and Puerto Rico. He doesn’t enjoy Puerto Rico, has no real love for Settlers of Catan and, while enjoying Tigris & Euphrates, hasn’t played it since.

Really it’s amazing that he went on to enjoy games the way he has!

He lived in Japan between 2008-2012, working as an English teacher and has previously worked in far too many places, having qualifications in health, hair dressing, sports coaching and health and safety. He has vowed to one day actually settle down and make a final decision on career choice.

He has also designed a number of games – some available as a free download and some that he has sold both over the internet and at games fairs in Japan. Luke also recorded a dozen podcasts titled “The Happy Happy Boardgame Love-In” which are available in the ether of the internet somewhere.


He recommends you check out http://www.boardgamegeek.com as the premier place to find out about board games.


Luke’s opinions are his own and he isn’t paid, coerced or forced to write positively or negatively about anything.


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